Myra and Sylvie

With Myra and Sylvie returning, two of our supercute teen FTV favorites get to come back and experience each other! Time for kinky and extreme things to happen between the two girls…

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sylvie and myra ftv covers

Sensuality is a beautiful expression of intimacy that can be experienced by young women. When two beautiful girls connect on a sensual level, it can create a powerful and meaningful bond between them.

Sylvie & Myra on FTV:
Mutual orgasms: Watch their very strong orgasmic contractions. Oral and Full Fist: Intimate oral sex with very hard deep fisting. Playing the upskirt: Cute dresses get lifted for rubbing and tasting. Tasting Myra: Intimacy in the shower licking Myra’s pretty pussy. A hand in Sylvie: Sensuality naked figures leading to Sylvie’s first fist. Myra’s limits: A much bigger hand fully fills a vagina. Anal fetishes: Girls in their elements.

Enjoy this supercute girl-girl experience, and those erotic views of all the kinky things they do…

myra and sylvie under the table ftvgirls

Clip 8 is outtakes where get naughty together at a restaurant making out, and touching each other under the table… Clip9 is another view of Sylvie squirting orgasm.

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