Delilah (sky blue eyes)

Such a beauty, Delilah is absolutely captivating. Her smile is just a joy to watch. Amazing body, but those EYES are truly mesmerizing.

Delilah is adorable. Gorgeous face, amazing body and incredible feet. She has some of the most beautiful feet I’ve ever seen.

ftvgirls delilah

Delilah on FTV (Total photos: 386 – Total videos: 100 minutes) She’s A Stunner (52 minutes of HD Video) – FTV Style Activity (48 minutes of HD Video) – Casual Strip (89 High Resolution Photos) – Dressing Up (94 High Resolution Photos) – Working Out (81 High Resolution Photos) – Nudes & Details (64 High Resolution Photos) – Playing the Toys (58 High Resolution Photos).

Delilah has very pretty private parts, and a rather large clit, so the photographer goes for some detailed closeups…

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