Alaska Native (good-natured and sweet girl)

An Alaska native traveling to shoot adult for the first time, Chanel is a very cute, down to earth girl with a wonderful smile… Chanel is a very warm, good-natured and sweet girl who hasn’t been tainted by social media, or that ‘attitude’ that some girls get when they have a lot of attention drawn to them. You might also like Micki FTV and Olivia.

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Chanel on FTVGirls: Enjoying The Charm (59 minutes of HD Video) Fun Of The Tease (96 High Resolution Photos) Pushing Her Limits (108 High Resolution Photos) Phallic Yellow Style (115 High Resolution Photos) Sensual Fitness (34 High Resolution Photos)

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59 minutes of HD Video!

Naked, Chanel has a very firm body and breasts, tight everywhere (and as you can see makes for good video at the gym).

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